New Construction Inspections before insulation and drywall are very important. County inspections do not include workmanship issues and are typically done in less than 10 minutes. Call for information and pricing for your home.

I recommmend a minimum of two inspections per home, pre-drywall and final. I have saved builders thousands of dollars by finding problems early in the construction process.
Note: Many builders require completion of a pre-drywall inspection up to one week before the insulation is scheduled to go in. Please schedule yours early and co-ordinate with the builder to ensure the window of opportunity does not pass.

I am an independent contractor, the client and their project is my only concern.

Note: Construction phase inspections are not regulated by NC or SC and E&O, GL insurance may not cover these inspections. Full responsibility of construction and final product is retained by the builder and the builders insurance.

Predrywall Inspection Fees vary by size and foundation type
(please include basement sf).

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